Sunday, 8 September 2013

And a new year begins...

King Kong our class mascot
A new year and for me this year, a new class!  My new class have chosen to call themselves the Year 5 Dolphins.  They've met their new classmate Xaviar - he's a bit unusual as he's invisible and gets into all sorts of mischief.  Xaviar has introduced everyone to his chimpanzee (are you keeping up?!)  The chimp has already become our class mascot and children have named him King Kong.  King Kong is already leading a busy social whirl if his diary is anything to go by!

The children have their new ocean cryptonyms - everything from a blob sculpin to a sea cucumber.  And they've already begun putting their cryptonyms to good use by posting on padlet some of the things they'd like to know about the ancient Greeks who we're studying this year.  Here's their wall in progress.

What we'd like to know about the ancient Greeks - our wall on padlet
Our new set of 1:1 devices has just arrived in school for Year 5.  They're the Surface RTs - I gather the discounted price was really too good to pass up.  I've had a quick look at one of them and on the plus side I like the touch screen and the usb port.  I'll need to get used to not being able to load them with some of my favourite programs as you need apps from the Windows store. I'll let you know how we get on with these as the year rolls out.

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