Sunday, 29 April 2012

Google Apps - we're good to go!

This weekend I've been setting up Google Apps for my class.  A big thanks to Ian Addison for his very useful guide on how to do this and to Matt Lovegrove & Mark Allen for their sessions on this at GTAUK.  The parental permission letters went out on Wednesday.  After looking at a few examples, I pulled one together which I've shared here in case anyone wants to avoid reinventing the wheel!

My class are very excited about starting to use GApps & most of the permission letters have already come back. Tomorrow they'll be using Sites to create e-portfolios showing some of the work they've done in Year 4.  I couldn't find exactly the 'how to...' video I was looking for so I created a set of simple instructions for pupils to follow to start their sites.

Y4 at the Gurdwara
I was delighted to find how easy it is to embed videos on Sites - so pupils will be able to embed their own videos on a diverse range of topics from their chain making in the Black Country using traditional methods and their Tudor broadcasts about the lives and deaths of Henry VIII's unfortunate wives to their visits to one of Birmingham's Gurdwara last week.  The chainmaking and Gurdwara ones were made by pupils using iMovie on our iPodtouches.



  1. Aweeeesome. Let us know how it goes :)

  2. Good luck Steph. Looking to run a GApps project shortly so your experiences and your Parental letter are most useful. Look forward to hearing more about how you get on

  3. Like the look of your blog and keen to hear more about real life classroom experiences using Google Apps.

  4. Thanks Matt, Marc & Lucy for your encouraging feedback! :)