Friday, 6 April 2012

I'm home now & relaxing in the afterglow of the truly fantastic & memorable GTA 2012 event!  It's been a privilege to meet with such fantastic and inspiring educators and to find out more about how Google awesome tools can be used in so many different learning settings.  I feel honoured to join this community of educators & moved by the warmth of the welcome!

Reflecting on my magic moments, I must say that, for me & I'm sure everyone else, there were just SO many!  Highlights certainly include the motion charts & animating data with Tia & Becky, mapping & story telling with Tom Barrett and the amazing youtube & flipping your classroom sessions with James Sanders - just awesome! 

I could write about many more highlights but, as we were asked to narrow our magic moments down to THE ONE, I've got to go for Mark Wagner's truly inspiring 'dream out loud' action plan session.  This is a genuine opportunity to be part of the change we want to see in the world and I can only guess at the amazing impact this will have for and through our learners!  I'm very excited about & looking forward to joining everyone for the journey this will take us all on!

My video application:


  1. Great to hear your reflections Steph and I look forward to seeing how you take action in your community and in your school.

  2. Steph congratulations on becoming a GCT and hope to see you in Prague for the first European Google Apps for Education Summit It would be great to have you lead a session on some aspect of using Google Apps in a primary school environment as well if you can.

    1. Thanks for posting CloudSource. I'll check out the summit - sounds good!